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8ft Multi-Stretch Table Cap

Unleash Your Brand’s Brilliance: Introducing the 8ft Multi-Stretch Table Cap

Take your tabletop display to new heights with the 8ft Multi-Stretch Table Cap. This innovative table topper completely covers the tabletop with a full-color skin graphic, creating a visually striking showcase for literature and items. With backlit fabric, stretch fabric, and precision construction, this table cap is designed for a seamless and impactful tabletop presentation.

Full-Color Table Topper: The 8ft Multi-Stretch Table Cap is a full-color table topper that fully covers the tabletop. Elevate your brand presentation by showcasing literature, products, or promotional items with a captivating and visually appealing display.

Seamless Skin Graphic: The skin graphic is taut around the table top and each corner, ensuring a secure and neat fit. This seamless construction enhances the overall aesthetic, providing a polished appearance for your tabletop display.

Backlit Fabric and Stretch Fabric: Crafted with backlit fabric and stretch fabric, this table cap offers versatility in presenting your items. The combination of materials creates a dynamic and visually appealing display that captures the attention of your audience.

Dye-Sublimation Printing: The front panel features dye-sublimation printing, delivering sharp and vibrant graphics. Your brand’s message is presented with clarity and precision, making a lasting impression on event attendees.

Table Dimensions: Tailored for 8ft tables sized 96″ L x 30″ W x 29″ H, this table cap is compatible with standard tables, offering a versatile solution for various events and presentations.

Display Construction: Edges sewn for durability and a clean finish, the Multi-Stretch Table Cap is constructed with precision. The seamless edges contribute to the overall polished appearance, enhancing the visual impact of your tabletop display.

Lightweight and Portable: Weighing only 7 lbs and with compact shipping dimensions, this table cap is easy to transport to your events. Ensure your brand’s brilliance is showcased wherever your brand goes, making an impact at every venue.

Quick Graphic Turnaround: With a graphic turnaround time of 2 business days after proof approval, you can swiftly update your branding for different events, ensuring your tabletop display remains fresh and relevant.

Ready to transform your tabletop into a captivating showcase? Choose the 8ft Multi-Stretch Table Cap by Gott Marketing. Full-color vibrancy, innovative design, and impactful branding await your brand. Order now and make a bold impact at your next event!

Command attention and captivate your audience with the 8ft Multi-Stretch Table Cap. From its seamless skin graphic to vibrant dye-sublimation printing, this table cap is designed to turn your table into a dynamic and visually striking showcase. Order today and make a lasting impact with a tabletop display that demands attention and admiration!

    Product Overview:

    Full Color Table Topper are now available! Showcase literature and other items on your table with a full color skin graphic that completely covers the top of the table. The cap is taut around the table top and each corner.

    8ft Table Throw Features:

    • Display Dimension: 96″ W x 29″ H x 23.5″ D
    • Full Graphic Dimensions: 106″ W x 37″ H
    • Graphic Material: Backlit Fabric and Stretch Fabric
    • Graphic Finishing: Dye – Sublimation Printing (Front Panel)
    • Display Construction: Edges Sewn
    • Compatible Table Size: 8ft Table: 96″ L x 30″ W x 29″ H
    • Shipping Weight: 7 lbs
    • Shipping Dimensions: 28″ H x 6″ W x 6″ D
    • Graphic Turnaround Time: 2 Business Days after proof approval