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Gopher Pop Up Counter

Set Up in Seconds, Customizable Graphics: Introducing the Gopher Pop Up Counter

Experience the epitome of swift setup and elegance with the Gopher Pop Up Counter – a counter designed to transform your event space effortlessly. Spend less than 10 seconds setting up, thanks to Gopher Pop’s hydraulic shocks that expand and collapse the frame with a simple pull and push of your hands.

Less Than 10 Seconds Setup: The Gopher Pop Up Counter is a game-changer with its swift setup. Spend less than 10 seconds expanding and collapsing the frame, allowing you to focus on creating an inviting space for your brand.

Hydraulic Shocks: Gopher Pop’s hydraulic shocks make setup a breeze. With a pull and push of your hands, the counter effortlessly expands and collapses, ensuring a hassle-free experience for event preparation.

Durable Countertop: The countertop is designed for durability, supporting up to 42 lbs. This feature adds practicality to elegance, providing a reliable surface for various promotional materials, products, or interactive displays.

Customizable Graphics: The custom print graphic wrap is made of dye-sublimated multi-stretch fabric, adding a touch of sophistication to your counter. Easily swap out graphics with a new design to keep your brand’s look fresh and relevant.

Effortless Graphic Replacement: Graphics can be effortlessly swapped out with a new design, allowing you to update your counter’s appearance as desired. Keep your brand’s messaging dynamic and engaging for every event.

Versatile Usage: The Gopher Pop Up Counter is versatile and functional for various events, trade shows, exhibitions, or in-office promotions. Elevate your brand presence with a counter that adapts to your promotional needs.

Compact and Portable: When not in use, the Gopher Pop Up Counter is compact and portable. Easily store and transport this counter to different events, ensuring that your brand makes a lasting impression wherever you go.

Ready to set up your event space with effortless elegance? Choose the Gopher Pop Up Counter by Gott Marketing. Swift setup, durable countertop, and customizable graphics await your brand. Order now and make a memorable impact at your next event!

Experience the epitome of effortless elegance with the Gopher Pop Up Counter. From swift setup to customizable graphics, this counter is designed to elevate your brand’s presence with ease. Order today and transform your event space into a showcase of sophistication and impact!

    Product Overview :

    Spend less than 10 seconds setting up the Gopher Pop Up Counter! Gopher Pop’s hydraulic shocks expand and collapse frame with a pull and push of your hands. Countertop can support up to 42 lbs. Custom print graphic wrap is dye sublimated multi stretch fabric. Graphics can be easily swapped out with a new graphic, as desired.


    • (1) Dye Sublimated Custom Graphic Wrap
    • (1) Counter System
    • (1) Soft Carry Bag


    • Display Dimensions: 31.375″w x 38.25″h x 18.625″d
    • Graphic Dimensions: 76″W x 40.5″H
    • Shipping Weights: 27 lbs
    • Shipping Dimensions: 31.5″l x 19″w x 8″h