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Banner Stand – Better

Elevate Your Presence: Introducing the “Better Roll Up Banner Stand”

Make a statement with the “Better Roll Up Banner Stand” – a step up from the ordinary, offering style, sophistication, and portable excellence. Elevate your brand presence with this sleek and stylish retractable display that sets a new standard for professional presentations.

Sophisticated Base Design: The “Better Roll Up” boasts a sophisticated base design, adding an extra touch of style to your portable retractable display. Make a lasting impression with a display that stands out in any setting.

Stylish Choice: Step into elegance with this stylish choice in portable displays. The “Better Roll Up” combines functionality with a sleek design, making it a standout option for those who appreciate both style and substance.

Custom Printed Graphic Banner: Your brand’s message comes to life with a custom printed graphic banner. Showcase your visuals with clarity and precision, ensuring your audience is captivated by the professional presentation of your brand.

Secure Attachment: The graphic banner attaches seamlessly to the top of the pole using a clamp bar, ensuring stability and a polished appearance. The base is secured with adhesive tape, creating a secure and reliable connection that enhances the overall presentation.

Portable Excellence: Enjoy the convenience of a portable display that doesn’t compromise on sophistication. The “Better Roll Up” is designed for easy transport, allowing you to take your professional presentation to various locations effortlessly.

Versatile Usage: Whether it’s a corporate event, trade show, or presentation, the “Better Roll Up Banner Stand” adapts effortlessly to different environments, providing versatility for your brand’s display needs.

Upgrade from the Good Roll Up: Consider the “Better Roll Up” as an upgrade from the Good Roll Up, offering enhanced features and a more sophisticated design to elevate your brand presence.

Ready to make an impact with style and sophistication? Upgrade to the “Better Roll Up Banner Stand” by Gott Marketing. Elevate your brand presentations with a portable display that combines elegance and functionality. Order now and set a new standard for professional excellence!

Experience the next level of portable excellence with the “Better Roll Up Banner Stand.” From its sophisticated base to the seamless attachment of the graphic banner, this stand is a stylish choice that ensures your brand stands out with elegance. Order today and elevate your brand presentations to new heights!

    Better Roll Up :

    A step up from the Good Roll Up is the Better Roll Up. With a sophisticated base, the Better Roll Up is a stylish choice in portable retractable displays. The custom printed graphic banner attaches to the top of the pole by clamp bar and to the base with adhesive tape.

    Better Roll Up
    (1) Custom Printed Graphic (pre-installed)
    (1) Retractable base w/ end caps
    (1) Telescopic pole
    (1) One Clamp top bar w/ end caps
    (1) Allen Key
    (1) Steppy Travel Bag

    • Base Size: 35″L x 3″H x 9.5″D
    • Template Size: 33.5″W x 80″H
    • Suggested Graphic Material: Super Flat Vinyl
    • Graphic Height Range: 80″
    • Changeable Graphic: No