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10ft Circle Hanging Banner

Captivate Your Audience: Introducing the 10′ Circle Hanging Banner

Ensure your brand stands out at your next trade show with the 10′ Circle Hanging Banner – a captivating and must-have display. Crafted from high-quality fabric, this extra-large hanging banner guarantees visibility from practically anywhere on the trade show floor. With a generous width of 10ft and a height of 42 inches, it becomes a standout feature that demands attention. Plus, it includes a soft carry bag for convenient transportation.

High-Quality Fabric: The 10′ Circle Hanging Banner is crafted from high-quality fabric, ensuring a durable and visually appealing display. The fabric adds a touch of elegance to your brand presentation, making it a standout feature at any trade show.

Extra-Large Design: Measuring 10ft wide and 42 inches tall, this hanging banner offers an extra-large design that ensures visibility from every angle. Be seen and remembered by attendees, making a lasting impression with this bold and expansive display.

Visibility From Anywhere: Hang your brand high and be seen from practically anywhere on the trade show floor. The elevated position of the 10′ Circle Hanging Banner ensures that your brand message is visible and captures attention from a distance.

Soft Carry Bag: For added convenience, the hanging banner comes with a soft carry bag. This makes transportation to and from trade shows effortless, allowing you to focus on delivering an impactful brand presentation.

Versatile Presence: Whether you’re showcasing products, promoting services, or reinforcing brand identity, the 10′ Circle Hanging Banner adds a versatile and dynamic presence to your trade show booth.

Ready to elevate your visibility at trade shows? Make a statement with the 10′ Circle Hanging Banner. Be seen from every angle and leave a lasting impression. Order now and ensure your brand captivates the audience at your next trade show!

Elevate your trade show presence with the 10′ Circle Hanging Banner. Crafted from high-quality fabric and boasting an extra-large design, this must-have display ensures visibility and captivates the audience. Order today and make a bold statement at your next trade show!

    Product Overview:

    The 10′ Circle Hanging Banner is a must have at your next trade show. These extra large hanging banners are produced from high quality fabric and enable you to be seen from practically anywhere at your trade show. This particular model is 10ft wide and 42 inch tall Includes soft carry bag.


    • (1) Collapsible extruded aluminum hanging sign frame (includes curved stabilizer, quarter circle, curved connector.)
    • (1) Full color zippered tension fabric graphic print
    • (1) Nylon travel bag
    • (1) Hanging Cable
    • (6) Chain
    • (3) Eye hooks
    • (9) Large screws
    • (8) Hook loop locks
    • (1) Allen Key


    • Display Size: 10″ Diameter x 42″H
    • Graphic Dimensions: 368″W x 45″H
    • Shipping Weight: 32 lbs
    • Shipping Dimensions: 68″ x 15″ x 9″
    • Warranty: one (1) year on Graphics , one (1) year on Frame
    • Inside Back Fabric: White Back Fabric