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Plastic Business Cards

Unleash Creativity: Introducing Plastic Business Cards by Gott Marketing

Dive into a new era of durability and vibrancy with Gott Marketing’s Plastic Business Cards – a game-changer in the world of business card innovation. These cards, crafted to be waterproof and durable, go beyond the ordinary to showcase vibrant colors and provide a distinctive texture and strength that sets them apart.

Waterproof and Durable: Gott Marketing’s Plastic Business Cards redefine durability with a waterproof and resilient design. No need to worry about accidental spills or wear and tear – these cards are built to last.

Vibrant Colors: Accentuate your brand with vibrant colors that pop! The plastic material enhances color saturation, making your business cards a visual treat that leaves a lasting impression.

Distinct Texture and Strength: Move away from traditional stock paper and embrace the distinct texture and strength of plastic. These cards not only feel different in hand but also convey a sense of sturdiness and quality.

Versatile 20pt Options: Choose from 20pt clear, frosted, or white options to suit your brand aesthetic. Whether you prefer a transparent look, a frosted finish, or a classic white background, the versatility of Plastic Business Cards opens up creative possibilities.

Ideal for Memberships or Loyalty Programs: Get creative with the use of Plastic Business Cards as memberships or loyalty cards. Your customers will be thrilled to receive cards that not only represent their affiliation but also stand out in terms of quality and durability.

Ready to elevate your business card game? Choose Gott Marketing’s Plastic Business Cards for a unique blend of waterproof durability, vibrant colors, and creative possibilities. Make a lasting impression – order now!

Step into a new era of business card excellence with Gott Marketing’s Plastic Business Cards. Waterproof, durable, and bursting with vibrant colors, these cards redefine what business cards can be. Delight your customers and make a statement with the exceptional quality of Plastic Business Cards. Order today and experience the innovation!


    Gott Marketing’s Plastic Cards are waterproof, durable, and ideal for accentuating vibrant colors. Plastic Cards stand apart from traditional stock paper with a distinct texture and strength and are available in 20pt clear, frosted, or white. Get creative and pitch these as membership or loyalty cards—your customers will be thrilled that you did.